Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Glam Nails: Triangles

So we're nearing the end of the Glam Nails Challenge now and so here's a simple one.

A nice little stamped triangle on the tips of my nails, that almost looks like a leave.

Step one: I simply painted my nails with a shade of Nail Inc polish, one coat of HANOVER SQUARE and it does wonders.

Step two: Stamp on the design, this time I chose a white polish, Barry M's Cotton.

BMXL134 is the plate I have use here, the corner design allow me to get that great triangle shape on the tip of my nail.

Image placement here is key, I turned my free-edge away from me and stamped towards me after lining up the image in the centre. This could also be better with a clear stamper, but alas, that's yet another item on my nail art wish list.

Stamping onto the nail was simple after it had been lined up properly. I even used a bit with a slight curve as to make the whole process quicker and use up less polish.

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