Monday, 8 February 2016

Playing with Vinyls

Hello there!

I realise this post is a little late and the only reason I can come up with is the weather. It has been so miserable lately that I think it has sapped up all my energy. I did my nails at the right time I just haven't written up this post. But now the time has come for that post to be revealed! For today it's a simple vinyl tutorial with some lovely vinyls I bought from SheSellSeaShells. Can I just say before we go on, I'm in love with the store, she stocks loads of vinyl designs as well as odd charms and tools, definitely check it out if you are in the UK, or anywhere else in the world.

So to begin I really wanted to pair a deep purple and a gold. This just feels rich and glamorous while also being good winter colours. Base coat is one-two coats of HANOVER SQUARE by NailsInc, I just checked on their website and couldn't find the shade so I think it's now discontinued. Allow to dry.

Next you need to place the vinyls on the nail. To do this I would grab some tweezers and carefully lift one from the sheet, the pack I'm using was a sheet of 100 thin chevron stencils. Place it gently on the nail, but do not stick down completely. Then rearrange as necessary in order to make it straight or centered in the way you want. Once you're sure that is the position you can press down on the vinyl with the tweezers insuring the edge gets slightly creased. 

Next you take your chosen polish and paint over the vinyl. Here I've used Ciate's All Aglow, yet another polish that appears not to be sold anymore. Paint over the entire nail, vinyls included.

Now take those vinyls off, they will leave behind the relevant shape in your base colour in order for you to have a two tone design. You could also go further and paint different colours between each line but for my first try I wanted to keep it simple.

Once the vinyl is off there are slight bumps from where some of the nail has two layers of polish and others don't, especially when that second polish is a glitter. Just wait for it to dry, you don't want stray glitter everywhere, and top with a topcoat. This should smooth out all the bumps and leave you with the same finish on both polishes.

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