Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Glam Nails Challenge: Frozen

The 4th Theme of the January Glam Nails Challenge is Frozen. This time I chose this to mean the Disney Movie.

I found a picture showing all the main characters and got to work at creating their outfits on my nails.

Here's the picture I used as my guide:


I wanted to recreate everyone's costumes but Kristoff doesn't have much colour in it, so instead I went for the easier option of doing Olaf's body. 

Elsa and Olaf, were the easier ones to do so I will start with them. Olaf began life with a coat of BarryM's cotton and Elsa with 2-3 coats of Ciate's Ferris Wheel, a very light blue shade.

For the Elsa nail I then added a slightly brighter light blue, BarryM's SkyBlue over the top in two vertical stripes to create the sweetheart neckline her dress has, I also accented with neckline with a line of Ciate's Skinny Jeans. For Olaf I simply draw on some black lines to create each snow ball, and in the triangles created at the side I placed a little bit of the Ferris Wheel shade. 

Glitter was then added to Elsa's dress, I then also redid the darker neckline as it didn't show over the shade of silver shimmer I used. And for Olaf I just added on two large black dots to become his buttons. 

Sorry for the blurred picture, I smudged one of the nails right after this as I put topcoat on them, so I couldn't retake it. 

Now onto the harder ones, Anna and Hans. I began by mixing up a purple colour and a red to try and create the right shade for Anna cloak, I couldn't get it quite right but didn't want to use up too much of my polish trying to create it so used the closest shade I could make. This shade features in Anna Cloak and Hans' tie. 

I put this shade in a curtain shape for be Anna cloak and on Hans I painted it with Ciate's Skinny Jeans. 

Next for Anna I painted the rest of the nail in my MUA black polish, and then removed the polish in a v-shape at the bottom, the area I wanted to create the skirt. For Hans I painted in his waitcoat and then created his tie.

Detailing is what came next, for Anna I painted in her skirt with Ciate's Skinny Jean shade and then added in the gold belt detail she has on the skirt join. For Hans I buttoned his shirt using a dotting tool and then using the very tip of a flat brush I created some tiny straight lines on his waist coat to be the eyelets. On the edge of each of these lines I then added a little button with the dotting tool.

Altogether I'm so pleased with this design and really sad that I didn't leave Elsa's glitter to dry before adding the topcoat.

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