Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Glam Nails Challenge: Hot Chocolate

England is currently experiencing a very cold snap, and most places further North have experienced snow recently. Where I am though, all we've had is the cold wind and wet weather. So hot chocolate definitely seems like a good option for the evening. This is also today's prompt for the Glam Nails Challenge.

I thought it would be cute to have mugs of hot chocolate painted on my nails, so that is what I did.

To begin I painted my nails silver, a subtle hope that snow will fall.

I then painted out the mug shapes I wanted using the brush that came with the white polish. The tall mug shape was easier to paint just a line done the center that you then gently add to, to taper the edges. The round mug is a lot shorter and needs a little more care when painting the rounded shape. Also be sure to leave room for the mug's handle, which I painted on with a thin paintbrush.

Next I outlined the mug shapes with black polish and a thin paintbrush. At the top of the mug I also added cream and chocolate sauce. To do this I built up thin coats of white and then mixed in a tiny bit of brown polish while the white was still wet.

I then went ahead and decorated the cups. One with a simple little heart and the other with a polka dot design, both using the same teal colour. I also added a little chocolate stick to each mug for a little extra indulgence.

Cover with a top coat and it's all done. There are also little steam marks coming from the polka dot mug but I'm not convinced they turned out too great. 

You can obviously create this with any mug design you want. I personally just chose to keep it simple and clean. Hope you like it.

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