Sunday, 24 January 2016

Glam Nails Challenge: Polar Bear

As it still get cold here in the UK, I'd like you to meet a little friend. This cute little polar bear. Here he is pictured with some of his favourite treats.

So read on to find a step by step of how I created him. 

Step one, I painted my accent nails with a shiny pinky purple, this needed two coats and the other nails are all painted with a blue for the water the fishes live in.

I then focus on creating the polar with a white polish. I used the brush that came with the polish to created the curved shape of the top of his head.

To create the ears I used a smaller brush to create little triangles, then inside of this I added black polish to create his inner ear. The nose was also created using the tiny paintbrush. First by creating a blob in the middle and dragging it out to create the curved shape mouth. I also then mended the nose a little so it was a better triangle shape.

Next were the eyes, so I added black polish with a dotting tool and with a smaller dotting tool placed white over the top. I added one inner eye a little too hard, I bet you can figure out which one that was!

Creating the fish I used a green polish and made a bit of a figure of eight pattern but with one side ending in a straight line instead of a curve. Then adding details like the eyes and mouth with black polish. 

I also felt it would be nice to show the polar bear has been snacking a little so painted on some fish skeleton. Despite by painting ability I am very pleased with these, especially considering in these pictures I was painting with my less dominant hand. 

To begin I painted a semi-circle, to be the head and off then drew a straight horizontal line which the ended in a curved line. On the horizontal line I added vertical lines to be the fish ribs, as well as adding some short lines off the tail. Again, finishing with a little eye detail. 

I hope you like this design!