Monday, 25 January 2016

HPB Presents: First Gradient Attempt with the UberMat!

So recently I found a web store that stocks the UberMat in the UK! I was so pleased that I wouldn't have to pay almost what the mat itself costs for shipping that I bought it pretty much immediately. So today is my first play about with it and with the Hobby Polish Bloggers January Link up being gradients I decided to try and create a stamping decal including a gradient.

HPB is a group of polish lovers on facebook that are all so nice and willing to give you answers for anything. If you, like me, are new to blogging and would like some advice, definitely seek them out.

So here goes nothing, I now need to explain how I created my first decal.

So to start I covered a spot on the UberMat with a clear top coat, this will allow the decal to come out in one piece when it needs lifting and placing on the nail. The next step was to stamp on the appropriate stamp, I chose a space view from the bundle monster XL134 plate. I practise this on the mat a lot before I attempted to place it on the decal and found it needed to be placed very quickly if not it wouldn't transfer correctly to the mat.

Next came the gradient so I coated the decal in another layer of topcoat, this time a glitter one, as I was conscious that it may smudge if I didn't and then set to work creating a gradient. When stamping onto the decal you need to apply very little pressure and avoid too much dabbing, here you can see my second decal crinkled up beyond repair from me being too heavy handed. I think it also worked better when the sponge was full of fresh polish as it meant the surface was less sticky.

Now you wait for it to dry, I waited a whole day as I went to work and didn't have time to use it for a little while. I would avoid this. Maybe leave it to dry for 20 minutes this will mean it's still a little flexible and with curve and stick to your nail easier. 

I first painted all fingers but the one I wanted the decal on with the teal colour from the gradient. 

Next I trimmed the decal to be a bit smaller and applied a little polish to my accent nail to stick it on with. From here it was a process of trimming the decal down to size to fit my nail. Around the edges I used some scissors for the major part but as I got closer I switched to an acetone soaked brush to remove the access. On the free-edge I used a file to get it to the right size. (P.S. sorry about the yellowness I forgot to white balance the camera and couldn't edit them properly to fix it :( )

Next I added a top coat this 'reinvigorated' the polish in the decal and bought out the glitter polish. I also realised here that it may have actually have been easier not to create it as a decal but to have just done it straight onto my nail. I am glad I have experienced creating decals though, you may see it a bit more in the future as it's pretty easy to clean up as well. 

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  1. How fun! I haven't tried a gradient decal before! Thank you for the photos and tutorial, I will have to get enough courage to try it!

    1. Just be patient when you do as starting too quickly will smudge it all :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I wish the colours in the gradient were just one more shade different though as that would have made it a little nicer :)

  3. Looks great! I can never get my decals to perfectly stick on my nails :(

    1. Me neither! I'm trying a different technique every time I do it. I found putting topcoat on the decal a minute or so before you want to place it on your nail is the best way at the moment, although it makes the remove of the decal tricky as it's a lot softer. I've also tried have the topcoat on my finger to 'glue' the decal to my nail but I found that didn't work as well.

      Hope this helps. :)