Sunday, 3 January 2016

Glam Nail Challenge: New Year Nails

So as the year starts many people have goals to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle. Although I don't completely agree with this, feeling obliged to make these resolutions just because everyone else is will inevitably end in disappointment when you finally find yourself breaking the resolutions you created, I do think encouraging those who really are committed to keeping these goals can only be a good thing. Surrounding yourself in positivity will encourage happiness in yourself and those you meet.

So inkeeping with the getting active theme I took out my BM-173 plate, one from their active range and stamped a clustering of designs.

To begin I painted them an off white grey colour that is the Ruby Wing's shade of In Your Dreams.

I think I've previously said, this polish should be a colour changing polish but I think I kept it in the wrong environment and so I don't think it changes colour anymore.

Next step was the stamping to stamp I used the BM-173 plate, this has one side where the plate is just full of designs. Some being icons of sports, others phrases associated with that sport, or just healthy goals like drinking enough water. I stamped using a NailInc shade called Hanover Square that I received with a magazine last year.

I also had to get the bike central to one of my nails as that's the transport I use to get me to uni and back most days. So that's perhaps the one sport that I really say I could take part in.

I hope that throughout this year, I continue to improve my blogging repertoire and hopefully get to work with a nail company, whether it's a review or for swatching.

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