Sunday, 10 January 2016

Glam Nails Challenge: Plaid

For today's design I went with a simple black and red style plaid. Using three polishes and a thin brush I created this design.

I started first with a base coat of white, as I find that many reds aren't as opaque as I would like. The white just makes it a more solid colour, I find.

After this is was a coat of red, I used a polish from 2True. 

Here is where I began to place the black polish onto a striping brush in order to paint on the pattern. I began painting stripes along the length of my nail.

I then added lines horizontally, this made the design a bit bumpy in places but once the top coat was on it all smoothed out.

With the top coat it all went to shiny and smooth.

If you too are taking part in the Glam Nails Challenge for January, let me know I'd love to see your designs.

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