Sunday, 17 January 2016

Glam Nails Challenge: Crown

Another simple tutorial for today, a little crown on the tip of my fingers.

Just two steps for you, I simply painting the crown shape on with white, to make sure there was something in the space were the glitter was sparse. I used a thin paint brush to do this.

The white I used was cheap MUA polish as the glitter polish I used was quite concentrated and would cover most of the white, so I didn't feel there was great enough reason to use a more expensive version.

When adding the glitter polish I also used the same thin paintbrush and tried to get the polish as close to the ends of the white as I could.

You can also go crazy and add gems to the crown, I did do this, but as I did I also smudged my nails, so I thought it best not to show you that.

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