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I am currently a student at university (Studying Psychology and Dance) and through this blog I really just want to share with you how I create my nail art and hopefully inspire you to create some nail art too, it really isn't as hard as it may seem. Just start small and work up. Stamping is a really great way to get into nail art designs, stamps are pretty easy to use and there's a wide range of designs out there. 

I have never been trained as a nail artist and barely scrapped B at GCSE Art, so if I can do pretty nail designs you will be able to too. Due to my current budget I try to stick to low cost solutions so either products from the lower end of the scale or discounted goods, which means I will rarely stock the new shades of that brand you're thinking of, but with any luck you'll enjoy what you see regardless of the products I use and I do hope to build my collection to be bigger and better. 

I began creating nail designs years ago in a quest to stop biting my nails. Although on occasion I do still bite my nails on the whole keeping them freshly polished and manicured has giving me the strength(? If that is the right word) not to bite them. 
I use a mixture of tape, brushes, stamping plates, gems, sponges and a trusty dotting tool to create my designs along with inspiration from other nail bloggers and my polishes that are in front of me. 

I hope to take you through easy nail polish tutorial and perhaps a few UV gel designs that have helped me in the quest to stop biting my nails! 

Enjoy... :) 

Anything I do say on my blog is my own opinion, any manicures inspired by others will have links to the original owner in order to credit them.
I will only except products as a trade for an honest review, letting my viewers know how I truly feel about the product. Any product that has been acquired in this way will be highlighted with the words 'Press Sample' at the top of the post. Any review that I do of products I bought myself may also be found on my site, within the post I will tell you where I bought it from and how much it was as well as tagging the post with 'product review'.

Hi there, if any one wants to contact me to review their products or road test a tutorial they've read about feel free to drop me an email at:

Also feel free to contact me if you're a reader of my blog, either comment on a post or email me, I would love to hear from you. 

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