Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Eve - Silver and Black Negative Space Nail Design

Well hello to the last day of the year! I feel this year has happened quite quickly, my nail shape has changed so much as my nails have got longer, and to fit in with this trend I have had to reshape them again this week. Maybe nail strengthener should be the next addition to my nail kit.

For New Year's Eve I always feel black and silver is a great combination and I have fallen in love with the Silver polish from my Ciate calendar "Fit for a Queen", the silver is so pigmented and shiny, it's great.

As always below I have a step by step guide of how I created these.

So to begin I put two coats of Fit for a Queen onto my nails. On my index and ring finger I roughly painted out a triangle shape to help with the next step.

I then took a small clean up brush with some acetone and carefully took away the silver polish from the index and ring finger, as to create a larger v-shape. I took a little too much off of my index finger here. Everyso often you will need to wipes off the brush as it will become ineffective. I also suggest drying the nail off slightly by dapping the parts with nail polish remover with a dry cotton bud, to avoid smudging later.

During the next step, I took a thin striping brush and painted along the v-shape I had just created. I also outlined by pinkie nail in the same black polish.

Creating the next shape takes a lot of time. To begin I dipped a cotton bud in nail polish remover to create a 'hole' in the middle of my nail.

The lighter silver is where the nail polish remover still is
Using the same small brush as before I then carved this hole into a rectangular shape, pushing the curves into straight lines. This is tricky with this silver polish as you are forever leaving glitter bits behind. 

To end I then outlined this rectangle with the black polish, after removing the excess nail polish remover.

And there you are, just add a topcoat and you're done. 

I also put a crackle polish on my thumb nail, although I'm undecided if I like it or not. 

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