Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Half and Half Flower

Using three polishes that I won from the OMD3 challenges I set about creating a manicure like many that I had seen, but with an extra detail. I wanted to create a flower over the top of two different colours, thus reversing the colours of the flower. I thought this would work quite nicely and give an extra detail to the design.

Here are the three colours I chose to use, all Barry M Jelly Polishes:
Here's how I got on:

I first painted my nails with the blue shade of polish,
Then using only the nail polish brush I painted a horizontal line across my nail and then filed in the space above the nail.
I tried to keep the placement of the horizontal line similar on all of the nails, I then got out my dotting tool and dotted around in a circle with the opposite colours and filled the middle with a slightly bigger white dot.

I think this design would have worked better if all my nail beds were the same size, as there would have been a better symmetry in the design. I think using a more contrasting colour for each half would have also created a more striking design. 

Hopefully my next design will go a bit better. 


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    1. Thank you so much :) They were so much cuter in real life though the photos don't give the two colours enough contrast. :)