Sunday, 13 September 2015

Glam Nails 4: Vintage

For the vintage theme I was planning on creating a design inspired by the Great Gatsby with some cool art deco features with gold and black colouring. But for some reason when it actually came to creating this design I really wanted to use some triangle shaped gems I had lying around unused for too long.

So I changed approach and thought of vintage England and one thing from this period that seems to be coming back into fashion is the use of bunting all over the place from The Great British Bake Off to the streets of Bath. It's every where making these places a little bit cuter.

I also used up one of my oldest polishes on this design, I think it was so old it could have been considered vintage.

Read on for more detail in order to recreate the design...

To begin with I painted my nails with a Virgin Vie colour from 'La Belle Vie' collection called Bouquet. Which after a little internet search I found that Virgin are now beginning to close their doors to the cosmetic part of the company. Which is a shame but with so many options out there it's easy to see why it wasn't too profitable. 

It's this gorgeous kind of mauve colour that more pink than purple that I felt was certainly more of a vintage colour than any of the others I had at hand. 

I then used a small striping brush to create random lines along the surface of my nail. I used a black polish for this but I think pretty much any colour would work. 

And then finally I added topcoat to one finger at a time, and then placed the triangle gems along the rope as if they were hanging from it to create the look of bunting.


  1. your nails are sooo cute! I think this manicure looks great!! ;)

    1. Ahh thank you! They were hard to wear though because there was so many gems that kept catching on thing though :(