Sunday, 20 September 2015

Glam Nails 6: Inspired by Obsessedwithnails

Today I recreated on of @obessedwithnails designs from her instagram page. The design is one that I've seen a lot of recreations of and thought would look very unique on your nails.

The design is a white negative space design with dots, daisies and a border. Lots of things going on.

While I was painting my nails I didn't take pictures of each step,  as I was too afraid that I would mess up. So instead I went back later and photographed the step on one of my nail wheels, although this is not perfect either.

I initially painted one of the nail wheels pieces, a colour slightly more alike to your nail colour, but I don't think it worked too well in showing you what it could look like as the dots may have become a little too big. 

During step two I have taken my dotting tool and created a series of dots up the middle of the nail, before branching outwards and adding the dots in the gaps. 

Step three was created using a striping brush by gently running it around the edge of the nail and smoothing [or at least trying to] out the corners. When I did this on my nail this did create a big mess around my nails which I cleaned up with a cotton wool bud and a small brush dipped in nail polish remover. Definitely get the bulk off with the cotton bud first though, as you will be there forever with the brush if you don't. 

In step four, I used a striping brush to create tiny brush marks in a circle and then added a yellow dot in the middle of the circle, to create the look of daisies. On my nails, I also then added little green details with a striping brush to create some leave. 

Overall I like this design, but it definitely felt a little showy for my own nails. It would be perfect for a special occasion but for everyday where I felt the stark white colour just demanded too much attention. 


  1. oh my gosh I love this design! It's so cute!

    1. Thank you, sadly I didn't come up with the original though :)