Friday, 28 August 2015

Monkeys and 'Bananas'

For todays manicure I decided to try something new, stamping over a textured polish. I thought this would give the stamping a different look but may also affect straight lines in a way I didn't want. To minimise the risk of the stamp being morphed in a way I didn't want I opted for a cheeky little monkey, where the textured polish could only add to his furry look. Along with this on the same cheeky [Wild at Heart] plate I found some straight lines, I think these were initially designed to be grass but I felt if I did it in yellow it may give the appearance of bananas.

These are the polishes I used:

  • Sophistication for Boot's Strictly Come Dancing Polishes, that was a christmas gift either last year or the year before [Used for stamping the monkeys]
  • Rimmel London's Chin Up Buttercup for their 60 second shine range [Used for the grass/bananas]
  • Sally Hansen's 600 Sour Apple for the sugar coat range, picked up at a pound store for a pound [Base colour]
  • [Not Pictured] I also used Barry M's Matte Topcoat over the top of the design
When stamping the monkeys on my nails I did find that initially only one or two would come out onto my nail as the cheeky plate does spread them apart a little, but I just reapplied the stamp trying to place the ones that hadn't come off in the gaps on my nails. This was a little tricky as you can't really tell where the stamp is going so many of them are now overlapping. 

The yellow shade when stamped onto the nail didn't really come out the way I wanted, it is slightly more of a pastel shade ontop of the green colour. I don't mind too much as combined with the textured polish it almost reminds me of foam bananas. 

Here's what it looks like with the matte top coat:

The Sally Hansen textured polish was a little temperamental as to how textured it would be, this is two coats of the polish on my left hand, but on my right the two coats show almost no textured pattern I feel the 'sugar' didn't come out to play when I was painting that hand. Both were painted after shaking the bottle up, but there is such a difference. This may also be because of the topcoat but again, it only happened on one hand.

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