Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Glam Nails 7: Pink and Black Bows

For todays Glam Nail Challenge Prompt it was bows. So I looked over all my stamping plates in an effort to find the perfect bow that would come out the same on every single nail.

However, I have no such stamping plate and as such set about drawing the bows on, inevitable they all went a little wrong and so I added some patterning to take away from the mess that are the bows on my nails.

I don't think it looked to bad in the end:

To begin I painted my nails in a pale pink shade, I love this pink shade, but it's not too autumnal so I knew I'd need to add a darker colour to tone it down a little bit.

I then took some black polish and placed it onto my nail art surface so it was easier to dab my nail art brush into it. I used a short striper brush that I had trimmed some bristles off to make even thinner, to create the bows. I began with the two loops at the top carefully creating to 'o' shapes. From where these two o's met I then flicked out two little strings. On some of the nails I then went back in with the pink polish and a dotting tool to open up the centres of the loops even more.

Then going in with same dotting tool I used to open up the loops, I then dotted black all over my middle nail.

I then added a lot of different patterns to all of the other nails using the striping brush. The chevron pattern on my little finger was definitely the hardest to do, as I freehanded this creating short alternating diagonal line to make a zig zag. I realised halfway through that I could have made a little draft pattern with some dots and just played dot-to-dot to finish it in a neater way, maybe next time ;)

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