Friday, 4 September 2015

Glam Nails: Argyle

September's here and so summer ends. I'll be back to uni near the end of this month and to keep me motivated before then I chose to take part in the Glam Nail September Challenge. The challenge is hosted by nbnailart, obsessedwithnailss and naturenail over on Instagram and consists of 9 prompts. I'm going to try and push myself to create a tutorial for each design that I do in order to keep my blog busy and updated, as I know when I did the OMD challenge I was a bit lazy and only really posted my designs on instagram.

So here is design no.1:

To begin I simply painted my nails with a nude shade and then covered that with a matte polish to create more of a woolly jumper feel.

I then went on to use some flat diamond nail art sequins which I bought about a year ago from Sparkly Nails in the UK. When I checked for these while writing this post I found they still sell them but they are out of stock at the moment, you can check out their site from the side bar of my blog.

To get these on my nails I placed a blob of topcoat onto my nail art surface [which is just a glass chopping board]. And using a cocktail stick I got some topcoat onto the cocktail stick and then tried picking up the diamonds I then went up the middle of the nail first placing the diamonds point to point, before filling in one half, when doing the second half I added some more topcoat to give the diamonds something to stick to on the nail. After this I then added another layer of topcoat and allowed this to dry completely [in my case this was overnight, just to be sure].

I then used the end of a cocktail stick to create the dotted lines that embellish argyle jumpers. To do this I added a dot of polish to my surface and stuck the pointed end of the stick into the polish and gently drew dotted lines over my nail. I did this with a cocktail stick rather than a paintbrush as I felt it would give a smaller line.

I then topped with another matte topcoat. I only did this on one nail but the design could totally be repeated on all of them. I would say some of the diamonds near the end of the nail are prone to falling off so definitely be sure to put a thick coat of topcoat over the top of the design.

Here's some shots of the finished design:

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