Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Glam Nails 9: Inspired By @nbnailart

So it is now the end of September and as a result it's Freshers time, so when I was scrolling through nbnailart's feed and found this design [click to see the design]. A design for each fruity cocktail, and although I don't drink much I do sometimes have the non-alcoholic version, and it's pretty great for a Fresher's manicure.
I completed mine with salt, but I would definitely advice sugar as it's much finer and will look better on your nails.

Step by step break down after the jump.

So from the photo I guess you can tell I used a green textured polish, it was the only green polish I had. But as a result you cant see the salt on the top.

First step was just to paint each nail a different colour. For each polish I used 2 coats to get it the opaqueness I wanted.

I then cut up some fimo pieces into halves or chunks depending on the fruit, because when have you ever seen a tiny piece of lemon on the side of your glass?

I used artificial nail glue to stick them onto my nail and then added some nail art glue to the parts of the nail I wanted the salt to stick to. When the glue was clear I then added the salt.

The salt went on fairly easy I just need to lift some bigger chunks with my finger and press them on as they wouldn't stay on otherwise. 

As much as I liked this design I didn't feel too comfortable having actual salt on my nails so I'm afraid to say it did come off pretty quickly after I did them. 

The nail art glue I used was from Sparkly Nails, there's a link to them in my side bar. Sparkly Nails is a UK based nail art company that stocks many great priced nail art items. 


  1. Love these! Such a fun idea. I think I'd play with the salt/sugar too much and rub it off lol x

    1. Haha, yeah I think these came off pretty quickly I didn't want the nail polished/glued up salt to get into any of my food :P

  2. Great idea! These look so fun!

    1. I loved the idea too so once I saw it on nbnailart's instagram I just had to try it out for that weeks theme. :)