Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Glam Nails 5: Honeycomb

Buzzy Bees. Pretty much my first thought for the theme of honeycomb but I recently did a Bee design for the OMD3 challenge. So I wanted to push the boat out a be a little more adventurous. Happily I found some glequins I won as part of the OMD3 Challenge which are hexagon in shape and would make the perfect honeycomb design.

Having not used glequins before I followed a design and tutorial by the Nailasaurus [If you click on her name it will take you to her Youtube Tutorial].

I chose to do contrasting colours to make this design stand out a little and be crazily different to most of my other designs, that don't use contrasting colours. I opted for Blue and Yellow.

I feel I could have done a better job at the full nail pattern as they were supposed to alternate and so stack neatly into each other, but instead by design just looks like row upon row a glequins. 

I am pleased about the border design though as it seems to fit my nail perfectly which was tricky to do. 

To get them onto my nail I followed the instructions on the video, adding polish to my nail and to my cocktail stick to allow them to be picked up easier. 

If you do try and do this definitely consider the glequins, I found them everywhere after I was done. 

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