Sunday, 6 September 2015

Glam Nails 2: Barbie

This design I've had on my list of thing to recreate for a while and so when the prompt barbie came up I knew it was perfect as the ballet barbie was my favourite. So the original was posted by Ma Nails on gorgeously long nails, nails that I do not have due to them breaking whenever they get to a good length, but I recreated them anyways and am pretty happy with how they came out. I even blinged them up a little with a gem instead of a little bow for the drawstrings.

So to start I simply painted my nails with this pale pink colour I have and let this dry for a little while. 
After this I then added the inner layer of nude polish trying to create an even semi-circle at the bottom of the polish as I was going to leave this plain.

Then using a thin brush I painted on some diagonal pink lines to be the ribbons. I tried to keep these at an equal level either side but, having done ballet, I know I always preferred having my ribbons at a slightly different level on the inside and the outside as it gives better support while you are on pointe. So I didn't mind too much if they weren't completely level.
I also attempted to draw little bows but it was the wrong type of brush and hence why I added the gems over the top.

And then with the gems it looked like this, although this is the same picture as earlier:

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