Thursday, 1 October 2015

Work It - Train Mean Plate from Bundle Monster

I took advantage of Bundle Monster's buy one get one free offer two weeks ago and ordered a couple of plates for myself, one from their new collection and one from another set. True to form, as soon as I ordered these they came out with new plates that I wanted to order, but had to resist not to. I don't think my student account would be able to cope with that.

I have one thing to confess from this post today though, the photo quality isn't as great as it should be. I have recently moved into my new flat for second year and painted these when there wasn't much light. Then the next day when there was lighting the topcoat had become victim to the duvet and had little dents in it all over the place. So the couple of pictures I do have were the best of what I had. next time I promise they will be better though.

So as in the title I used the Work It! Train Mean plate [BMXL173 to be exact] for this design. I opted for a couple of blue colours as the image I chose had little water droplets on and I thought that would be better than a bright yellow.

The plate comes with plenty of different images and I will be trying out the massive mass of images once I pick up some new cotton buds, so I can grab just the image I want. [I'm sure I'll do a post on this, so stay tuned.]

The plate has 6 full nail images on it, these images are much too big for my little nails, I barely fit the text on my thumb nail. So I tried to do half and half on my middle and index finger. The plan was to have 'Sweat is' on the middle nail and then 'fat crying' on the index nail. However, it turns out my index finger is a little longer than I thought and also took the 'is' right at the top. 

The plate needed cleaning after about three uses before it began to miss bits out. It was also quite tricky just to isolate the droplets for my little nail. I think the big images may in this case be best used as accent nail designs, if your nails are long enough. 

I painted my nails initially with a colour from the Boots 'strictly come dancing' christmas set and I haven't seen it around for a couple of years.

I stamped with the BarryM Sky Blue,  and didn't have many issues with using this as a stamping polish. 

I also need to file my nails so they're all the same length but I can't bring myself to make them all really short. 

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