Monday, 27 July 2015

Brightly Coloured Bumble Bees

I realised today I had been neglecting my blog in favour of the nail art challenge, where as I could be posting on both letting everyone reading this about my recent manicure.

So today, 4 days before the end I wanted to start telling you about my designs. Today's theme was WINGS and my first thought was to create a butterfly wing or add fimo butterflies to my nails to create a fun summery manicure.

Instead I got out my Cheeky nail art plate (Wild at Heart) and spotted a cute butterfly at the top and thought if I did it in contrasting colours, maybe a yellow and a blue it would enhance the little critters cuteness. After painting my nails yellow though, I had a change of heart, which was probably inevitable given the blog post title ;)

The same plate had a cute full nail pattern of bumble bees buzzing around and so I got out my black polish and began stamping. The design didn't take much polish to fill up the design as the bumble bees are quite far apart. I can't tell my opinion of this, I'd like if there were more bees but I feel like that could clutter up the nail and make it look messy, maybe next time I use the plate I will experiment and try stamping twice to increase bumble bee population.

Here is the finished manicure:
My yellow polish wasn't quite dry enough when I began stamping and so the edges lifted slightly.


  1. This is adorable. Chubby little bumblebees. I love it.

    1. Ahh, Thank you! I thought they rather suited my short nails :)