Friday, 31 July 2015

Perfume Inspired

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So I guess you realised I didn't do a post yesterday, I had the dentist so was a little busy and ran out of time to create a post for you. Yesterday's design was a simple pink with triangles painted on with a nail art pen, to look like my bag.

Today's post is a little more exciting though. I used my Harajuku Lover perfume by Gwen. Here are what they look like:

I chose the Baby, Lil' Angel and Music bottle to base my design on, as the other two I only have in the winter collection.

One thing I hated about these perfume bottles is their bows, I found out I can't really paint bows, so I will definitely need to practice them. I recreated their clothes on my nails. To begin I painted white on all fingers but my pinky and thumb, on them I used a navy blue instead.

On my ring finger I then used a green to create a bow on one with a paintbrush. I then used the end of a cocktail stick to create diagonal lines of pink dots to complete Baby's look.

For Music I used a paintbrush to create the bow in the centre of the nail in Navy Blue. I then used a striping brush to create the lines for her dress design.

On my middle finger, Lil' Angel, I began by using a nail art pen to create the tie. I then mixed up some black and white polish to create a grey polish for the jumper and painted one line of this below the tie. Then a yellow line and yet another grey line. I then finished my painting on the black jumper by the polish brush.

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