Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Smoothie on my Nails

So there isn't actually smoothie spilt all over my nails but there is a representation of my smoothie on my nails. Today's cue was mynailsandmydrink and with it being summer (the British weather doesn't think so) I like to have smoothies either as breakfast or a snack to quell my hunger.

My smoothie contains:
  • 1 Banana,
  • 1 handful of frozen raspberries,
  • 2/3 handfuls of frozen melon,
  • Orange juice

My smoothie was more of an icy smoothie due to all the frozen fruits but once I had done my nails it had melted slightly so it was more drinkable.

I tried to use a polish that best matched the colour of the smoothie and so used a bright pink colour. I then used my surplus supply of fimo pieces and added my ingredients to my nails. I bought my fimo pieces with the intention of using them, but I often just find it impractical to have a chunk of polymer on your nail that you constantly fear is going to fall off. But I decided they would perfect for a one day manicure like this.

To attach them to the nail I used a glue from, that I waited to become clear before placing the fimo in the right place. I then topped with a thick coat of clear polish to try and prologue the wait before the inevitable event that the slices got caught on something.

2 more days of the OMD3 left now and then I will definitely go back to posting more detailed tutorials each week.

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