Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lego Princess Leia

The theme for today's design was Princess and so I wanted to create something a little different that wasn't just your average tiara and puffy dress disney princess. So instead I recreated princess Leia on my nails.

My middle finger has the head and the two adjacent fingers have her signature hairbuns on each side, my pinky finger then has a starry night and two lightsabres crossing.

All of the design was hand painted using either the brushes that came with the polish or a smaller striper in the case of the black details.

Three fingers have been coated with a matte topcoat to remove the simmer and give off that lego feel. The lightsabre nail is the only finger coated in a glossy topcoat.

The lips on her face I did twice, and this was the best of the two attempts. I took the red polish brush and gently pressed down so it became flatter as I pushed and it created this semi-lip shaped shape. The first attempt was a disaster as I tried to use a dotting tool to create the perfect heart shaped lips, but I think I went overboard and it ended up being way too fat for her face.

The lightsabres were easy to create and could be worn as a subtle accent nail to show off your love of the films. All you need is a long thin paint brush, and the two colours of your choice. Load the paint brush with your first colour and confidently stroke it along the nail to create your line. Clean the brush and repeat with the other colour once the first as dried a little bit.

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