Friday, 7 August 2015

UV Gel Manicure Chevron Attempt

After completing the 31 day challenge hosted by Eeeek! Nail Polish!, Crafty Nails, Nail that accent and Brijits Digits, I decided to go with something a little more permanent on my nails, instead of the polish each day they were experiencing.

So I grabbed by UV Gel and lamp and tried to recreate a design I have seen all over Pinterest for the summer.

I am not a professional UV gel nail artist so I don't feel it would be appropriate to detail exactly how I do my nails when I do gels as I wouldn't want to be teaching anyone the wrong way. I learnt through watching youtube videos and through trial and error.

To create the sea green nail colour I had to mix together a light blue and a green colour, which took a while and a couple of attempts before it was green enough but not too blue, even now I don't think the colour is perfect. The gold glitter gel is a clear gel to which I have added a ton of gold glitter until it had the right concentration. 

After curing about three layers of the coloured gel I then added the glitter gel roughly in the chevron shape and went in with a clean brush with the gel removal liquid on it to move the glitter to create a neater shape, and to put the points more central. 

I added a clear layer on top and then removed the tacky layer of glue. Instead of a gel top coat I then added polish top coat.

Although the quality is never as good as that from the salon, I also feel good knowing that it didn't cost me anywhere near what it would have and still lasts as long. It just took a lot more effort on my behalf. 

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