Friday, 10 July 2015

Circus Style French Tips

Hi there! Today is a really simple way to create a striking detail on your plain french tips. The design itself I created for the OMD3 challenge Day 9, which theme was pattern.

Here is the manicure:

This doesn't take that much time to create and neither does it require many tools. For mine I used a dotting tool, but you could easily use a thin paintbrush or cocktail stick as a substitute if that is a better option for you.

Here's everything I used:
The little cup you can see is the lid of my nail polish remover with a bit of the remover in it.

To begin paint your nails the desired french tip colour, for me I used the revlon 60 second Super Shine Yellow. I simply painted the top half of my nail just a bit more than where I wanted the "smile line", so where I wanted the tip to end. I then placed the cotton bud in the nail polish remover and cleaned up the line so it was perfect (ish).
Before cleaning up with the cotton bud
For the Stripes I tipped out a bit of my 2True Red shade and dipped my dotting tool, generously, into the pool. This meant that when I then placed the dotting tool on the smile line I was able to drag the polish to the edge of the nail in order to create a line.

Create as many lines as you want and if a line goes slightly over the yellow line, you can always go back in with the nail polish remover soaked cotton bud and clean it up a little.

Before a topcoat my nails looked like this:

And after they are a lot more unified in shine: 

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