Friday, 17 July 2015

Two Simple Nail Designs

After a short stay at a friends house I skipped one of the days of the Oh Mon Dieu contest and so today ended up doing two designs. One for Fast Food and the other Shoes.

I decided to use the plain polish I already had on my nails, instead of removing all the polish twice.

The first design I intended to make was doughnuts for my nail tips. I took a raspberry icing colour and created semi-circles at the top of nails. I then took two pastel colours and created hundreds and thousands on the top of the raspberry semi-circle. I then also took the base colour and created a smaller semi-circle to create a ring doughnut. 

The next was themed around shoes, and I felt particularly lazy and so just created a flip flop design with a striper and a couple of polishes. I created two diagonal lines that meet at slightly to one side at the tip of the nail. where they meet I then placed three dots of colour and and placed a yellow dot in the middle to create the flower. 

Hope you like them. Soon I will post all of the designs I currently made for the contest, hope you keep your eyes peeled for that post. 
Or go over to instagram (@naildesignbyrhiannon) and find them all there. ;)

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