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Nail Organisation Website Review - Nail-buff

This week through social media I came across a fairly new website that may just change the amount of polishes you own.

No more buying the same polishes twice as you cannot remember what you have sat at home, this website allows you to upload your collection to the website to view from your phone or laptop.

The website in question is...

How It Works:
The site gives you two option, you can either compare two nail polishes from the collection they have already stored, or you can create your own collection. In order to create your own collection you will need to link it to your facebook account in order to sync your collection to have it on multiple devices. Once you are logged in you can then start building your collection and tracking the nail polishes you already have, many brands of nail polishes are already on the site, but many are also not. However, you are able to add your 'own' polishes from other brands customising it's name and colour to suit the polish you have in front of you. 
Editing the Miss Sporty Polish used in my Cherry Blossom Tutorial
Once saved your collection is then automatically there everytime you log on and can be viewed from both laptop/computer or mobile, if you have internet connection where you are. This means that when your out and about (in somewhere with free wifi or mobile data) you can view this collection and make sure you are not buying a shade you already have.
Some of my collection

What I Like:
Personally I did not have many of the nail polish brands that are already on the site and so have the create and upload your own shade meant that even budget nail polishes or the odd non-branded gift polish could be added to your collection. Also in edit view you are able to add comments to your collection, so you could leave notes for yourself when a polish is about to need replacing, so you can buy the exact same one. Also being able to compare brands colour before you go and buy them will be a big plus when wanting to build your collection as you will not be buying polishes that are too similar to each other. The website design is also very clean and makes you feel so organised. 

One thing I really like about having your nail polishes stored altogether is the idea of others who don't know your collection being able view this and make sure they don't buy you the same one. So with that in mind I'd love a share button where you could email your collection to your family to ensure they don't get you any duplicates, or if you want duplicates they know exactly what shade and brand to get you. In the meantime though if anyone does want to share their collections taking a screenshot and uploading it as an attachment will do wonders. 

I will definitely be coming back to this site again and seeing how it expands. The search tool is a definite bonus as you can select a brand or colour and it will search your collection to see if you have anything that matches that description instead of you having to trawl through your collection manually. 

This is definitely a site that nail polish lovers should have on their radar. So go and check it out if you haven't already!

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