Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Half Moon Mani with Dotted Detail

Hi there, so today I wanted something simple but bold. In the quest for this I took out two contrasting colours and set to work creating this manicure.
Finished Manicure

The items I used for this was a small nail art brush, nail polish remover, two contrasting polishes and a cocktail stick. The cocktail stick was using instead of a dotting tool, so if you have one on them feel free to use it.
Tools used
The first step was to paint my nails the main color, I chose pink. When painting the nails in this color you do not need to go all the way to the base of the nail as you will be removing the polish on that end in the next step.
Painted Pink
Now take the small nail art brush and dip it into the nail polish remover. I tipped out a small amount into the lid of the bottle as I felt this was easier. Then begin removing the polish in a semicircle shape near the bottle of the nail. I found this was easier with wet polish, as it came off easier. Remove the polish bit by bit to avoid a mis-shaped semicircle.
Semicircles removed with nail polish remover

Tip out a bit of the second color onto a work surface and dip the cocktail stick into the pool of polish. Next gently touch the edge of the semicircle you have created and go back for more polish every two or three dots, to keep the dots a similar size.
Dots created by a cocktail stick
I sealed this design in with a clear top coat to prolong it's life. 

Here is the finished design:

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