Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dots and Curves

So I did my nails this week without a camera at hands, with the hope of creating a video tutorial using my display set. But luck be it when I went to create the video my camera ran out of battery so I ended up using my photo just to take a set of photos. My mani this week looks like this:

I created a double layered mani and added a gold detail on the contrasting colour. This is one design where I would have definitely liked to have maybe a more expensive polish in order to have a better brush to create the desired curve at the bottom of the black polish. There's about two nails that have a smooth curve and the rest seem to have bumps everywhere.

Here are the supplies I used to create this:

A gold nail art pen,
Black Polish, 
White polish,
a Dotting tool. 
When I recreated this I experimented with clashing colours to see how it would turn out. So instead I used an orange nail art tool, light blue polish and pink shade of nail polish. The method is still exactly the same. 

Step one, is to paint your nails the desired colour I base coat for my own nails I used a white and for this tutorial I used a blue. 
Next you want to carefully paint a semicircle near the base of this nail, leaving the amount of basecoat you want seen. I think I left about 4mm of a gap, but I just did it by eye. I found the best way to do this was to place the next polish colour's brush in the middle your nail, allowing the brisles to spread a little, and slowly take it to one side and then repeat to the other side. Doing it in one motion helped to create a smoother curve. 
A steep curve and a flatter curve
Next I took the final colour and added some to my dotting tool and placed dots at the bottom of the design.
And there is your finished design. There isn't too much waiting between coats for this design as I placed the darker colour ontop of the lighter colour and didn't mind too much about the two colours mixing. 
Complete with a bubbling topcoat

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