Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Pin VS Nail: Cow Nail Art

So today is a short little post about recreating the cow nail art that I have seen on pinterest.

Original is here: pinterest pin

The tutorial was a short series of photographs that looked easy enough to follow and so I tried it.

Step one was to paint the entire nail white. Step two, Paint on the pink nose. Step three add the eyes and nose, for this I used the large end of a dotting tool. Step four the cow markings, for this I used the dotting tool again as I felt a brush would be too big. 

My replica: 

The results look pretty good, I chose to only do one nail on each hand to keep it clean and uncluttered. The hardest thing was creating the straight line with the pink polish and also does that were of equal size. I also found that it as easy to do on short and long nails, you just end up with smaller feature. 

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