Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Pin Vs. Nail Challenge: Cherry Blossom Nails

This pretty Cherry Blossom manicure has been a favourite of mine forever and today using a pin I found: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/438467713694082795/ 
I will try to recreate it for you. 
The pin suggests that in 5 steps your nails will look great so here's the test!
I picked out 4 polishes that looked about the same shades as the ones in the picture: 
The base colour is Miss Sporty Quick-dry colour 456, Black branches is a black Models own nail art pen and the two pinks used for the flowers are an animal nail polish and a Jack Wills nail polish, both bought for me as a present.
Products Used For Cherry Blossom Manicure
Step 1:
Paint your nails with the blue colour.
This was easy enough, yet my blue polish chose that moment to start running out, if this happens to you simply add a few drops of nail polish remover and shake up a little. This should increase the life span of the polish a bit more, it worked for me this time. 
Painted Blue Nails

Step 2:
Draw 3 line in an arching shape on your nails.
Using the striping brush on the models own black nail art pen I simply picked a point on each nail and drew away from it in an arching motion. This can be a little trickier on your dominant hand but just play around and find a position that is comfortable for you to do this in. 

Step 3:
Petals for your flowers.
Here I used the Jack Wills Pink nail polish and the bigger end of a dotting tool and although it seems counter-intuitive to imagine how big the inside of the flower is going to be it makes each flower unique and different. Use the dotting tool to create five dots in a circle shape with a space for the flower centre. A tip here would be to do small amounts of the flowers first, maybe one on the top of the black line or one in the middle, then once you've done each nail you can go and add more if you want. It's harder to erase then to add. 

Step 4:
Add smaller 'buds' to the stems.
Here I again used the Jack Wills Nail polish but used the smaller end of the dotting tool, this made sure the design wasn't too cluttered and there was a difference between the main flowers and buds. Add a couple of buds per nail just off of the black stem that you drew. 

Step 5:
Add the centre of the flower.
Using the Animal Nail Polish I filled in the centre of each flower with one darker pink spot. In my design I feel the pink was too dark so perhaps try a lighter shade to make the design more spring inspired. 

Overall this was a quick and easy design to create that will definitely look good on anyone's nails short or long. Just adapt the number of branches on each nail. I also sealed my design in with a top coat to help prolong the life and the design and the effort I put in to creating it, although to be fair it wasn't too much effort. 

I will be uploading pictures of the tutorial to my instagram page as I am unable to do here. The cover image shows the final image of the design I created and the pinterest link gives the instructions I followed. If you do go ahead and give this a try, it is definitely worthwhile, why not send me your pictures or Instagram message me at naildesignbyrhiannon! 

Link to my pinterest nail art board: https://www.pinterest.com/rhiannonannanda/nail-art/

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