Monday, 25 May 2015

Pink to Red Ombre

Everytime I do my nails I look back and the photos and fear that there will not be one in focus. Today that first step has had to make a use a slightly blurry picture, sorry guys. This week is my last week of first year at uni and so I wanted something summery and almost festival like. So I found some bright colours and opted to create a tie die effect. For this nail art it will get messy so I advise cotton wool bud and nails polish remover, for cleaning up after.

The essentials:
White Polish,
Makeup Sponge
2 colour for the ombre effect (I chose pink and red)

Step one involves painting your nails white to make the top colours stand out more.
Don't worry about being too neat as it will get even more messy soon. 

Step two is where it gets messy you need to take your two polishes and paint them horizontally next to each other along the edge of the make up sponge. One swish of each polish and then quickly turn it over and press onto your nail. Your nail should now look like this: 
The polish will probably coat the skin surrounding your nails but do not worry this is where the cotton buds and nail polish remover come in. Put some polish remover in a little pot, or it's lid, and dip the cotton bud in. This can then be used to remove the bulk of the polish on your skin. If there are little bits you are not happy will leaving you can also use a small paint brush to remove the polish. But for removing the bulk of it I would recommend a cotton bud. 

I then ended up adding some white lines on a couple of nails just to vary it a little bit. 

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