Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pin VS Nail: Bunny Nail Art

A second nail art piece of the week, as I found the first design that I did chipped a lot and so I decided to redo them for the weekend.

Inspired by the #stampoutstress week, that included a petting zoo, we had at uni this week I found these adorable bunnies on Pinterest that looked too good to be realistic.
Bunny Design: Pinterest Link

As cute as the are I saw two problems with this design, firstly my nails aren't that look and two the detailing on the bunny's face seems way too intricate and tiny to be able to replicate. But sure enough the picture tutorial takes you through the steps.
Bunny Tutorial: Pinterest Link
I used slightly different colors to the ones shown and only tried recreating the white bunny rabbit.
Here are the tools and polishes I used: 
  • Pink Polish
  • Purple Polish
  • White Polish
  • Black Polish
  • Dotting Tool
  • Cocktail Stick
  • Tiny Paint Brush
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat

So to begin I just painted my nails with my background color. I chose a NAILSINC in HANOVER SQUARE shade for this design as I knew this polish stay on for a long time and is chip resistant (Best ever freebie with a magazine). Here are my nails after one coat.
The next step is to create the outline of the rabbit, however the picture tutorial doesn't specify what tool to use for this, so I did it two ways. The first way I chose to dip the paintbrush into the white polish and create the outline this way.  This resulted in a bumpy finish as I had to keep going and picking up more polish. The second way I did this outline was to use the white nail polish brush to create the head shape on my nail and then use the smaller brush to create to lines off of this, that would become the ears.
Paintbrush Technique
Nail Polish Brush Head
I was much happier with the way the nail Polish brush version came out. Next step was to add the pink. I dipped the small paint brush into the pink polish and made a smaller line in the ear outline. To create the flowers I used my dotting tool and dotted 5 dots in a rough circle and finished with another dot in the middle. 
Now I got a bit carried away an skipped a few photographs but take a dotting tool and dip that into the black polish and create two similar sized dots just below the ears. Next I took the smaller cocktail stick end and dipped that into the black polish. This is the tool I chose for the nose. Make a v-shape central to the eyes and where the point in the v is create to outward flicks to create the mouth shape. Here I advise not to be too heavy handed. I have one clumsy hand due to me trying to rush it and applying too much pressure. 
Clumsy Hand with too much Pressure

Wobbly eyed but better nose and mouth. 
To finish I noticed there was also a pink cheek added to the rabbits face so I took the small end of my dotting tool and created pink dots just below the eyes.

And there we are, just finish with a top coat if you'd like it to stay a bit longer. 

I liked this tutorial the pictures clearly show it step by step but the nose and mouth area is definitely one to watch. Especially when the tutorial doesn't outline what tools you need for what job. This design definitely looks better against the lighter background on the longer nail. But what do you guys think, with you be wearing this manicure anytime soon?

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