Sunday, 27 March 2016

Clairestelle8March Challenge: Easter

The last cue awaits and as it is easter sunday, it is no less than an easter theme for the clairestelle8 challenge.

I chose to design a little easter bunny and some eggs for this cue.

Keep reading on for a little step by step guide.

So I first started by painting my nails either pale blue or white. I found both of these colours needed two coats to really make them opaque.

Next I set about designing the eggs. I first took a pale pink colour and painted a little zig zag pattern along the nail, 2-3 times, if your nails are longer you may wish to do this more times. Next I cleaned my little paint brush and dipped it in a nice pastel yellow colour, I then drew two straight lines inbetween each pair of zig zags. Finally I used a little dotting tool and created a series of pink dots in between each of these yellow lines.

Next was for the bunny rabbit. I chose a simple black and white for my rabbit and then added in a little pink for his ears. The ears were drawn out first, then the nose, followed by using the dotting tool for the eyes and then back to the paintbrush to fill in the inner ear. When painting this design on my nail I found it easier to work away from myself, so the tip of the ears were facing towards me instead of the mouth.

Here is how it came out on my nails.

I must admit that I really do like this design.

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