Sunday, 20 March 2016

Clairestelle8March Challenge: Flying

Today is a tutorial that I'm not too happy with the outcome for. I tried to create a skittle design but I don't think the design moulds too greatly together. Fingers crossed you guys think it's alright.

I painted by nails in a little gradient of blue polishes, and finished with repeating the darker blue colour on my thumbnail.

I then began by creating clouds on both my index and little finger. On my index I created some sunny clouds with a white polish and a dotting tool. For my little finger I created some darker storm clouds using a dark grey and a more triangular colour shape, but still using a dotting tool.

For the flying birds I used a tiny paintbrush. A very tiny paintbrush. The birds are very small that when I tried to take pictures of the steps it ended up being very blurry (you have been warned). So to create the bird shape I painted a backwards c shape and then drew a line horizontally through this that had more length on the left then the right. This created a front and a tail to the bird.

I painted this shape onto my middle finger and thumb nail in a little triangular shape to mimic the formation birds often fly in.

For my ring finger I experimented with a packet of nail art stickers I've had lying around. The pack was perfect a little set of feather. I placed on onto my nail and realised my polish wasn't completely dry thus meaning some polish was squeezed out the side of the sticker, not pretty. I also found that the sticker just fell of the tweezers I was moving it with and so found that it didn't go in the position I wanted it to, as once it was down removing it would have caused a lot of damage to the polish beneath. I think that when using these in the future I will definitely be a lot more careful.


  1. nice try. Would have much better if the nails were little bit longer. How did you do the peacock feather?