Sunday, 6 March 2016

Clairestelle8March Challenge: Sport

This is a day late to what the challenge wanted but it's better late than never. I took inspiration from the Tennis that was broadcast yesterday in England and have set up a little doubles tournament on my nails. Ok. So maybe it's not as active as it could be but all the equipment is there, two rackets and a ball. So you just need to grab some people.

So to begin I painted my nails with two different colours. For all those nails that were to have a racket on I painted a pale blue and for the tennis ball nail I mixed a tiny bit of green polish with a lot of yellow polish. In my opinion, this is still slightly too green for the ball shade I think is right. So definitely go gentle with the green if you are mixing. Also be aware that when you mix the polish will become aired and so bubbles are more likely.

I then added to curved white lines to the green polish. This was to make the tennis ball design. I used an angled brush to do this.

Next step was to start creating the tennis rackets. I started off by drawing little rectangles at the edge of my nail. I did this with an angled striping brush and carefully made two thin lines next to each other until I got the rectangle the thickness I wanted it.

Now for some colour. Here I chose to do each racket frame a different colour and so simply drew about two thirds of an oval, in different colours that was attached to the handle.

I then joint up the frame using a white polish and painting both horizontal and vertical lines. This created the cross-hatch design mostly seen in tennis rackets.

Next, I went back over the oval shape in each colour, to make the frame visible again after the strings overlapped the edge.

Next I simply added a topcoat once it had dried for a few minutes.

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