Friday, 18 March 2016

Clairestelle8March Challenge: St Partrick's Day

Hello there!

Today is a simple little tutorial to create a little clover for your nails. A little late for St Patrick's Day by now I guess but it may carry the spirit on.

Here's what you'll learn to create:

So I began by painting my nails a slight grey colour.

Next using a little dotting tool I created 3 pairs of dots in a little semi-circle. So they weren't equally spaced out on a circle, but there was a bigger gap between two of them, this would provide space for the stalk. 

Using a thin paintbrush I then extended each of these dot-pairs into a little heart shape. Each heart ending by touching another in the centre. 

I then continued to use the paintbrush to fill the leaves in.

I then created the little stalk by drawing a slightly curved line coming out of the centre of the leaves. The end of the stalk that was free was then made a little thicker, to create a tapered effect.

I then experimented with the use of a different green colour to accent the leaves, so each clover ended up with a slightly different pattern. I think the one that looks the best is the one seen below on my pinky finger, where there's a slight tinge of another green in the centre of each leaf. Once topped with a topcoat the polish smooths out and you have a little tribute to St Patrick's Day. 

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