Sunday, 13 March 2016

Clairestelle8March Challenge: Mosaic

So many of you taking part in the Clairestelle8 March challenge will realise that this is not the next prompt and that I have in fact missed one. This week has been pretty busy and I just didn't have time to do two designs. But if there is time near the end of the challenge I may go back and do the clothes inspired theme that I missed out, as I did have a clear idea about what I wanted to do.

This design is a quickie, I did it on the sofa while watching tv, so it is definitely one that newbies in nail art can try. I just used three colours, a black polish and base and top coat. As well as a striping brush.

So I started with a base coat, and over the top of this I used my lightest colour to cover the whole nail. In this case that was a white polish.

Next I took a striper brush and painted a third section with the next darkest colour. 

Using nail polish to clean my brush in between, I then painted with the next colour and filled in another third. 

Again I cleaned out the brush, before using the brush to paint an outline in the black polish, so the design looked like it was pieced together. 

I then used a topcoat to smooth out the polish and to bring about a little shine. 

Simple design are pretty quick and easy to do, especially on hectic weeks, even as this is publish I'm off doing something, a whole day dance intensive to create a piece in a day. The wonder of scheduled posting meant I could write this up before and still have it ready on Sunday. 

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  1. Lovely! You really did a nailed on this. They seem easy and simple to do.