Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Clairestelle8March Challenge: Holi

Here's the 7th prompt in this challenge, and my first attempt at splatter nail art. This is an unpredictable technique, that I decided to do with a couple of contrasting colours.

So I knew the design was going to be a messy one and as a result I chose to use the anti-overflow glue that I purchased from the born pretty store. Just to make clean up a little easier. After putting it around the edge of my nails I waited a few minutes and then painted a white base colour onto each nail.

Once it was as dry as I was able to wait for, you know it's dry when the glue is transparent, I went about adding one colour to each nail. I found from a little test that thicker polishes worked better as the thin polishes would simply drip out of the straw I was using instead of splattering out when you blow in the other end. For this I used a Barry M polish and a Ciate polish.

You dip one end of the straw into the nail polish bottle and then pull the straw out and 'aiming' it towards your nail. Once in position you can then blow into the straw and hopefully see a splatter appear. This may take a couple of times to work out how much polish you need on the straw for the technique to work. It is also random so you can't predict what kind of pattern it will make.

The picture above shows the design after just one colour and how different each splatter pattern is. I then went ahead and did it again with the opposite colour.

I had better coverage now but I still felt like some spots needed a bit more of a splatter so I went in again on a few more nails. Once I felt happy with it, I removed the glue from around my nails with a pair of tweezers.

And boom, that was most of the clean up done. There was still bits of polish and glue dotted around my finger so I did go in with a brush soaked in acetone to do the final bit of clean up. But the glue definitely did most of the work for me.

And then a bit of top coat later and the design was finished.

If you want to purchase some of this glue to make clean up a little easier be sure to check out the born pretty store, I also have a 10% off code (PSX31) for any full priced items in your basket. They do offer free shipping on all orders though which is also a plus!

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