Monday, 4 April 2016

Peach and Purple Spring Stamping

I chose to keep this weeks design nice and simple. Just a little use of a stamping plate and I was all done. I paired together a few polishes that felt the right kind of spring vibe, not too sunny and bright, but not too wintery and dark either.

I began with a thin coat of white polish as I knew the peach polish I wanted to use was transparent and wouldn't be opaque like I would want it. So to make it stand out a little the white base was required. 

Next I painted on the Peach polish, this is three coats of Ciate's Member's only polish. 

Now for the plate. I tried to find the plate so I could link it to you but I couldn't find it on amazon anymore, it is a few years old so it is entirely possible that they don't sell it anymore. There's not even any company markings on the plate itself which is a shame. I like this plate as not only does it give you big and small copies of each design it also mirrors them for each hand, so they can be symmetrical.

I stamped on of the design from the plate, one that's just peeping in on the left of the above picture with a thick deep purple from NailsInc. 

I didn't quite get full coverage from every stamp attempt but for me, the slight gaps in the leaves only add dimension to the shape. 

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