Monday, 5 October 2015

Giraffe Print Nails

Here's a simple little pattern that just uses two colours and a dotting tool. As it is October the design can be combined with a costume [a giraffe costume though] in order to have a full patterned outfit.

The design is fairly organic and pretty similar to the cow pattern I did in an earlier blog post. You simply load the second colour onto your dotting tool and create bigger splodges, instead of the simple dots.

I based my design on a pattern I had seen from @lulus_nailarts but quickly found it was hard to do the exact same design as my nails are much shorter.

The base colour I used is from Ruby Wing and is called 'In Your Dreams'. One coat of this highly pigmented shade and you're done with that colour.

I always look forward to this shade changing in the sunlight,  and then forget to look at it when I'm outside. This time might me different though, it should change to a darker grey almost purple colour. 

I then put the brown in little splodges all over. I think to make it look more like a giraffe using a slightly yellow shade of base colour would have been best, but this was the closest shade I had unfortunately. 

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