Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Born Pretty Anti-Overflow Glue Review

So I have a set of posts for you today and tomorrow that I really couldn't decide what order to post them in. Should I post the design first? Or the review of the weird new product I tried to ease queries over what's on my hands? In the end I went with the review first as the product I tried was pretty cool and I wanted to share that with you first.

The product is from Born pretty store. com and was $3.99 so in British Pounds I paid £2.60. The shipping itself took over two weeks which made me nervous as it felt like it had got lost in the post but I was very glad when it did get here.

The product was shipped over covered in bubblewrap and a very protective padded envelope. One thing I would have to say is it didn't come with any instructions that may have made new users more aware of how to use the product. The picture online shows you how to use it in four steps but I feel like having instructions come with the bottle may be better especially for those that may give it as a gift to someone else.

The bottle is matte and contains 15ml of product. The brush is pretty ordinary and the liquid inside is quite thick, probably because it is glue afterall. 

So the first thing I did was to add a layer around the edge of my nail, trying to get as close to the nail but not too close as I didn't want the glue to get on my nail. I tried to spread it out as best as I could but I still ended up with some thicker clumps of glue around the edge of my nail. 

Here you can see the glue goes on white and as it dries it becomes clear, the picture below shows different drying time on each finger. My ring finger has had the most drying time in the photo and my pinky the least. 

I don't advise putting your fingers this close together, they will stick
I let this dry while having a timer next to you just to give you an estimate as how long it took. While it dried I got a little impatient so I painted my basecoat onto each nail as well. 

After 20 minutes this is how they looked:

Some bits had dried completely but other parts, where the glue was at it's thickest still hadn't dried. I carried on at this stage because I felt the thicker parts probably wouldn't dry clear and if I had to wait longer than twenty minutes to start each time I may want to find a different product. To test the glue out I wanted to use messy techniques so I went with a gradient and some stamping (more details of the design will be in tomorrow's post). 

Here is the mess after the design: 

One thing I would say here is that you can't tell where the glue is under the gradient mess so I had to use my tweezers in the hope of finding an edge to lift from. On most of the nails the glue came off in a nice sweep but in some cases the glue broke up into several different pieces making it a little tricky to remove. 

I think this may be down to how I was peeling it off but also a little down to the formula and the glue not quite being strong enough to stick together. 

After most of the glue was removed my nails were definitely a lot cleaner, but I still needed to go in around the edges of the nail to clean up some polish and the remaining glue, so in that sense I'm not sure it cut down any clean up time. 

Around the cuticles there's still little bits of glue
My index finger here is completely cleaned up so it was very variable as to the amount of extra clean up I needed to do. Which is why I think it might have been down to how I applied the glue and how I removed it. 

Overall I do quite like the product and I would recommend it as I do think it will make me more likely to do gradients, knowing I won't have too much to clean up. So stay tuned for more of them ;)

I do have a discount code for 10% off full price products on the bornpretty website, so if you do fancy picking this up along with a few other bits feel free to use the code: PSX31

In tomorrow's post I'll talk through all the products I used and how I did the design but for now I'll leave you will a picture of the dried up glue and how much polish it took off my nails. 


  1. Have you tried using ordinary Elmers glue from the craft store, and how does that compare to this in that case?

    1. So I've only used PVA glue once and based on that I can say this product was better. When I used glue it never really dried and so was just a huge sticky mess, then when I did come to remove it it broke up, similar to what I found with this product but a lot more frequently, so it just took a long time to remove, which is really the main reason why I never went back to using glue again. It just took so long to remove, and it was a lot more hassle than using a cotton bud or brush with acetone on. Hope that helps. :)

    2. Yes, thank you so much for replying. Helps a lot.

      I suppose natural oil production of the skin and the likes has an impact on how these different products work for people.

      I am currently using this huge 1l bottle of PVA that I got at The Works for 2 pounds and added a bit of water to make it thinner in consistency, since I saw a tip on that online somewhere. It dries very quickly for me, I suppose the added water helps on that...
      So since it doubles as a skin guard and peel of base for glitters, I suppose I might as well stick with that...

    3. I definitely think it's a lot of individual preference and I just had a bad first experience and didn't want to go back. Maybe when this product runs out I'll go back and try and make PVA work for me as it's definitely a cheaper option.