Wednesday, 28 October 2015

HPB Presents: Vampire Fangs Nail Art

So I'm kind of torn when I look at these nails between calling them a nail fail or not. I like them when I view the image altogether, but individually they look a bit abstract and random. They are also not exactly as I envisioned as my art prowess is not as good as my imagination, evidently.

All in all they definitely look like a halloween manicure, because of the colours used but as to whether they actually look like vampire fangs is up to you.

I have included details of each step I took when creating this design, just carry on reading.

So to begin I simply painted my nails black, as easy as that sounds it actually took me a while my £1 MUA polish was being a bit stubborn and was leaving a streaky polish, but finally I got the finish I was looking for. So here's a picture of that stage.

I then took a small striping brush that I had cut to make even thinner and outlined where the teeth would be. I began by drawing a straight line over all my nails to be the 'base' teeth level and then drew two big triangles coming off of this that would become the fangs.

All space above the line was then filled in with white, I continued to use the striper brush but it would be way easier with a bigger brush.

Using the black polish again I then separated out the teeth and defined the areas of the fang. To do this I just painted straight lines in the white space and then slightly curved the edges of the rectangle so the teeth weren't perfectly straight at the end.

On my first hand I just put the red blood straight on at this point. DO NOT DO THIS. Learn from my mistake, the red will not show up on the black background and you'll instantly regret your decision to cut a step. INSTEAD, you should use a dotting tool and carefully dab a white polish along the edge of the teeth, anywhere you want the red polish you should add white, just to make sure the red will show up. I also added a few lonely drop of white that would then become the blood dripping.

The next step is simply to repeat the last process but with the red polish.

Cover with a topcoat and you'll design should last you until halloween.

If you still want some more halloween related inspiration for your nails check out all of these lovely nail bloggers below all of which have contributed to this Inlinkz.



  1. You are right it's definitely Halloween theme, but the rest are as the viewer interpret it. Step 1 - 3 are showing me clearly what you wanted to paint. I've never thought of posting photos as i'm doing my nail art. Think i will consider it for the future. Thanks.

    1. I always liked to read the ones with tutorials so when I made my blog that's what I wanted to do. So I'm trying to create photo tutorial s for each design I do so that other can follow along and get extra help when my words fail me :)

  2. Drippingly Good-Simple but effective. It works great for Halloween.