Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Alien Stamping and Gradient

So this is the other half of the review from yesterday, the half where I actually tell you how I did the design instead of just focusing on the nail barrier product.

As you can tell from the title I used a mixture of stamping and gradient to create this design, my thumb nail also has the gradient design on.

So to begin I painted all my nails the appropriate base coat. The ones that I'm doing the gradient on have BarryM Cotton White, if I was not putting other colours on top I probably would have done two coats to make it fully opaque but as I was doing a gradient on top I didn't mind too much only having one coat. My middle finger has the Revlon 'Sassy' polish that I recently found at my pound store and my index finger has on a Black MUA polish that was about £1 from Superdrug.

To create the gradient I added stripes of my green and black polish to a make up sponge and pressed it onto my nail.

I did this a few times to make the colours more opaque and I also slightly changed the gradient line each time to create a slight fade between the colours.

In this picture my little finger could do with an extra layer of gradient as some of the white is still peeping through. If you haven't quite got the fade on the gradient you wanted, add your topcoat while it's still wet as that will help blend the two colours a little more.

For my other two nails I then used my BMXL134 plate and chose the images of space aliens. I added a line of polish to the bottom of the plate and scraped the polish up the design to fill the rest of it in before picking it up with my stamper and placing it onto my nail. I was surprised with how much the sassy polish actually showed up on my index finger, with it being a dark background and the polish not a stamping polish. I was very happy with the plate and how it stamped, but it did need to me cleaned after every use to ensure the thin edges of the face came through each time. If you are interested in the plate it can be found here: Link to the plate.

I then processed to clean up using the glue I reviewed in yesterday's post, and used a small brush to clean up any bits around the edge of my nails.

Here's how it looks:

What I like about the design is that it doesn't scream halloween and so can be used all year round and yet the use of the green and black definitely give it a slightly frankenstein edge for halloween season.

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