Friday, 9 October 2015

Baa Sheep Tutorial

Following on with my animal theme [Don't worry I will do something else in my next post], I have recreated @purrfect_nails Sheep nails from a few weeks ago. To see the original simply click onto her name tag. I loved how cute these were as was excited by the fact I actually owned some of the polishes she used in her nail art. 

The nails consist of two nails with cute sheep pictures, the pinkie with a balloon and the middle finger with the word Baa! For mine I kept my thumb nail blank with the same blue polish I used for all of the backgrounds. 

Keep reading to see a step by step breakdown of how I achieved this look using only dotting tools. 

To start out with I didn't really know how to create the design I was a bit stumped as I didn't want to get my paintbrushes out as I find that always makes the polish streaky. So I tried to keep it simple and just use dotting tools, I think in the end I only used two sizes a big bulky one and a smaller one for all the details. 

So the first step was to paint my nails blue, in the original the nails with sheep on had two different colours but I opted just to paint them all with BarryM 'Sky Blue' polish. 

This is two coats of the polish with no top coat, it's so shiny without them because of the hi-shine formula they now use. 

Step one was to create the sheep bodies which I broke into two steps, the first creating a massive blob in the middle of my nail and the second to border the blob with a fluffy outline. Both steps were done using BarryM 'Cotton' and the bigger sized dotting tool. 

I chose to do it like this as I knew I wouldn't get it perfect first time and so it gave me room to change the blob's shape and size before committing fully to it. 

Now onto the sheep features for this I mixed together a brown and white polish so it wasn't as harsh. If you have a tan/nude polish I advice using that instead as you'll know you have enough for everything you want to do. I had to try and not use too much as I would have had to mix up the exact same colour, which would have been pretty much impossible to get it exactly right. I then used the bigger dotting tool again to shape the ears, legs and head. 

The smaller features were then created using the smaller dotting tool. Make sure the head is big enough to accommodate the nose and mouth, mine had to be a little squished to fit in. Using the same black polish and small dotting tool you can also spell out the word Baa! on the middle finger, definitely do this with a paintbrush though if you would feel comfortable doing that. 

The balloon took a couple more steps I outlined the main balloon shape using the bigger dotting tool and then filled in this shape. 

I then used the smaller dotting tool to create the balloon tie at the bottom, the white string [not pictured] and the 'shine stripe' in the main body of the balloon [also, not pictured]. 

And then finish with a topcoat!

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  1. So cute!
    I reminds me of a poem i once came across on one of my many travels that was with sheep, and saying something like: Happiness is having Welsh Friends...

    1. Sounds very true of Wales, although there are so many sheep in the Westcountry too, I've never noticed Wales have a lot more.