Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Stamping with two colours

Hello there!

Today's post is a little different as here in Britain the light is fading very quickly and I am yet to set up my light box. Meaning when I went to take pictures of my design as I created it, the photo quality was not great. So instead I woke up early and took some photos of the finished design so I could at least show you what I have done this week and also talk you through was I did and what I used.

So this pattern reminds me of iPhone cases and pinterest pictures, yet when I went to search for something similar I couldn't find anything, but I'm pretty sure they're out there.

So for the design I use the Bundle Monster XL 134 plate, the same plate the aliens came from. In this plate there is this line pattern in the corner.

I placed blobs of blue and pink over the pattern and scraped the excess off, hoping the two colours wouldn't blend too much as I did so. I then stamped the pattern onto my nail. Thankfully the blending only occurred at the edges of each colour which kind of softens the borders between each colour.

One thing I would say is that when you add the first colour don't add too much, I found I can really tell which colour I placed onto the stamping plate first as it's the one with the most colour on the pattern.

If you would like a better tutorial feel free to ask.

Hope you like this design and I will try and have better photos of all the steps next time.

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