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Lush Lemony Flutter Review (Warning: Contains cuticle pictures!)

I bought this product a couple of months back and have been using it regularly ever since. I had seen many other bloggers using it and although not all reviews were great ones I decided I would make my own mind up.

Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter Nail Art

Read on to the end for more information about this nail art design.

Before this I had used cuticle oil for my cuticles and so when I saw a butter I didn't really know if it would be better or not. When I used the oil it seemed to sink in really quickly and I found myself applying it quite frequently and so it would be used fairly quickly.

The lemony flutter tub holds 50g of cuticle butter and cost £6.75 from my uni-local store in Bath and sells for that price online. So I think all in all it is quite high priced but you barely use any of as it goes so far so this tub may last me years yet.

Big tub size is great for in the house, it rarely gets lost and will last a long time. But for travel it is fairly impractical. I am yet to get hold of an empty lip balm tin and use that instead, as a compromise.
Lemony Flutter Tub Open

The butter is a lot greasier than I would have thought, which is fine for your skin but when it's on my nails I almost feel like my nails are too slippery and greasy and so will often end up wiping them on my trousers. Not great but if you only use it once a day, like I do, maybe use it just before bed so you don't feel the urge to grease up your clothes?!

I also found that this is helping my a lot with my hang nail situation [Hang Nail: I'm defining as a flap of skin that has torn away from the rest of the cuticle, sometimes painful]. During my use of this product I haven't had them as much or as often as when using the oil or nothing at all. However, last week as I was doing my gel nails I was a little rough when cutting back my cuticles and so ended up with quite a few. So have used that opportunity to show you in pictures how it has helped.
Lemony Flutter Improvement Record
Please excuse the weird yellow filter (Not sure how that happened)
The top picture shows the condition they were in on Wednesday afternoon, as you can see my middle finger has taken a bit of battering where I took a little too much off. But then the bottom there is a marked improvement in the condition of that finger and all the little hang nails around the other fingers. Although I cannot attribute all of this to the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter as there is also a natural healing process but I do think it has helped and makes them more resistant to everyday hang nails.

Here is a closer picture of the change:
Does Lemony Flutter Work
I hope this is big enough to see
Although again not perfect there is great improvement in my cuticles and there is definitely less hang nails and I definitely prefer how my cuticle looks four days on.

I think lemony flutter is definitely for anyone who is prone to hang nails [especially the painful kind] as this should hopefully help and also anyone prone to dry skin on the hands or anywhere else as it does help with all dry skin. The fragrance is also quite nice slightly chemical lemon, but lemon none the less and it comes from a good place with the Lush say no to animal testing campaign.

Details about the nail art design:
Black polish was painted onto all my nails and on top of this a matte topcoat. I then used a thin flat paintbrush to create the lettering for the words. This was done by creating a series of straight lines, and trying to avoid curves as much as possible. When a curve attempt was made, and ultimately failed, I then went back in with the black polish to create a better curve and clean up any wrong white patches. This was then topped in another layer of matte topcoat.
For the actual tub I mixed up my own colour of polish, with a white and a yellow so it matched the colour of the butter as close as I could get it. I then used the paint brush to create the oval shape of yellow, before adding the black swirl and reapplying some more polish to be the side of the tub. I painted the side with the weight of the product and put matte topcoat only on the tub, leaving the yellow 'butter' slightly shiny. The fimo slices were then cut and placed onto my nail with a bit of clear polish.
Sorry the details are brief, I didn't take photos while I was doing it and aren't too great with freehand designs.

Hope you like it, if you did (or are thinking of buying the product) comment below or follow me for more designs and reviews. I'm not just on Instagram I'm also on Bloglovin' now, details are in the side bar at the top.

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