Saturday, 22 August 2015

Simple Pokeball Design

I've had this design on my nails a couple of days now and have created a picture tutorial to show you guys a little more detail of how it was created. Following on from my last post, this design also only needs 3 polish colours, a dotting tool, and then a cocktail stick or striping brush.

The design is based on the nintendo series pokemon and is a pokeball that you keep most of your pokemon in. Although there are other types of pokeball I went with the most basic as this is the most common and recognisable.

I think this design could also look great as an accent nail or like I have a full set.

I realise I am not the first to have done this design, and am not taking credit for being the original creator, but read on to find out how I created it.

To begin I painted my nails with MUA white, I needed to do a couple of layers of this as it was more watery and streaky than what I remembered.

I then painted the top half of my nail with 2True red. There is no need to create a smooth half line as the next step is to cover the joining line with a thin black line. On my nails I used a striping brush which created a thin line, when using the cocktail stick it created a thicker line [this can be seen in the collage tutorial].

I then took a large sized dotting tool and created a black dot in the centre of the line. On my thumb this black dot needed several little dots in a circle to make it bigger. Once this dot was dry I then went in with a slightly smaller dotting tool to add the white dot.

Here are a set of pictures to help with my descriptions:

This design was then sealed in with a top coat to help it last longer. 

Dotting tools can be purchased from a lot of online stores, bornprettystore sells various packs of 5 for less than £3 and also has free shipping. Using the code PSX31 you can also get an extra 10% off your purchase! Hope that helps, my next post will be a review of a couple of products I bought from their website. 

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